Monday, November 12, 2012

Over 1,000 of the most common fixed expressions and idioms in the English language

This list has been compiled of the most fixed expressions and idioms in the English language--with 1,157 items. The reason that we have posted this list is to get our current and potential students to start thinking like a linguist, so that they can have an easier time translating things, and more productive study time when they sit down to complete their assignments. This list has been compiled for the sake of students who are enrolled through Level 3 of a Broad Sky Alternative Language Academy program. Though this list in no way should be thought of as a complete list of idioms and fixed expressions, it should however be thought of as a reference tool for a student trying to classify his/her native language, and as an aid to help said student break down said language into the most basic parts of usage. What we mean by basic parts of usage is essentially, all the different situations that a speaker of any language will generally find him/herself in when speaking whatever language on a daily basis. Though this list has been written in English, it needs to be clarified that it has been compiled as a template for all languages. Though for some English (in this list, American) idioms, there may not be an exact equivalent item that can be translated perfectly, there is almost always something that is close enough. 

To our readers: When you sit down to take a look at this list, you ought to do so carefully, and consider how we as speakers of American English both think, as well as talk, about the every day situations that happen around us. You will notice that for most of these phrases, 1. there are multiple ways of saying the same thing, and 2. it is a constant puzzle to match the phrase with the right preposition. Not sure what a preposition is? Well, to give a quick clarification, a preposition can be looked at as 1. a word that connects two nouns, as well as 2. a word that indicates the position of a particular noun in relation to another noun. While you yourself are probably already a master of "just knowing" when to use a particular preposition, you will find that when you sit down and think about many of the fixed expressions that appear on this list, the particular preposition used in the expression is often arbitrary, or just random. Yet you will notice that the phrase by itself is just a very common phrase that you already had memorized. Yet, when you are forced to look at an expression such as "on foot", you will perhaps puzzle over why it is considered an acceptable part of speech, but it is not grammatical. Shouldn't it be "on feet" as opposed to "on foot"? The reality is that such expressions are "just that way", and there is no real way to translate them literally. They are called "fixed expressions" for a reason. 

So, without further ado, we ask you to use this list to start thinking about how you will translate your everyday life from English, into whatever other language you are learning. We guarantee that if you even learn as much as a third of the fixed expressions on this list by the time you are in Level 3, you will be well on your way to having a great and deep understanding of your respective foreign language of study. Embrace, cherish, and add on to this list! 

during the day
at night
in the meantime
in the next few…+NOUN
for the time being
a remote chance
It’s not likely that…
to quit a job…
to remember to+INF
to forget to+INF
for the most part
many years ago
It’s been a long time since…
In my opinion…
Under/given the circumstances…
I’m taken aback that…
To get the bill
At full speed
To take one’s time + gerund
To take responsibility for…
To get/be accustomed/used to…
For the sake of…
In order to…
To hurry up and…
To speed up
To slow down
To have money saved up
To be bored out of one’s mind
Out in the open
In secret
To be sure/certain of…
Wide open
Shut tight
The fact that…
To say the least
Watch out (for)!
To be in trouble (with sbdy.)
Sorry to bother/trouble you, but…
Would you mind if…?
To go wrong
Go away!
Let’s get going
To be short/missing a…
Something is missing (from)
In the middle of the night
To be mistaken about…
Let’s check it out
To make sure that…
To be taken by surprise
To strongly disagree
To decide between (2 choices)
To make up one’s mind (about)
To have plans (for)
It isn’t worth it!
It’s not worth the trouble (of/to+gerund)
To take part in smthg.
To have trouble+gerund
On the way to…
To have time for smthg.
For free
To my amazement…
To keep in mind that…
To relate to/with sbdy.
To keep smthg.+adj.
To have a hunch that…
I can’t help (doing it)
To keep sthg up to date
To have feelings for
To keep sbdy. Informed (of smthg.)
To keep under control
To keep track of…
For just a+time word
To show up for…
To show up early/late
To have a knack for…
To be partial to…
To do away with…
For example
To go over smtg (fig)
To manage to…
To take note of…
To take notice of…
To make up for smthg.
To put stock in…
To save up (for)
At the time, I…
(that was)back when…
Back then,…
For the record,…
For as long as I can remember,…
To lose sleep over…
Oh, come on!
I’m just kidding!
For what it’s worth,…
To be right/wrong about
Tit for tat/an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
To have a strong need for…
To be nervous about…
To be jealous of…
To be in doubt of…
If I were you, I…
If I were in your shoes, I…
It bothers me that…
To no end
To get involved with…
To meddle in sbdy’s business/affairs
Something else
Somewhere else
Someone else
Something more
To be a good deal ($)
A good deal of...(part.)
To be a good idea
To be disgusted with/by…
To be interested in…
Enough of+(part.)
To worry about smthg.
To be concerned with…
To take smthg into consideration
To withhold information
To reach an understanding (of)
To reach/come to an agreement
To come to the conclusion that…
To strike a compromise
To make friends with…
To stand for…
To stand up against…
Once in a while
To start to+gerund
To stop quit+gerund
To be good for+gerund
To be qualified to...
To go well with…
To snack on smthg.
To get ready for…
With all one’s might
To be afraid of…
Out of+emotion
To lose track of…
To have a taste for…
Lack of…+NOUN
Tendency for/towards/to
To sort out…
Behind sbdy’s back
Without warning
For fun
To look up to sbdy.
To look down on sbdy.
To frown upon smthg.
To turn on
To turn off
To get away with smthg.
In all honesty,…
To tell the truth
To tell a lie
To brag about…
To talk trash about sbdy.
To help out with smthg.
To give comfort to
To mistake smg/sby for
Concrete details
To be uncomfortable with smthg.
To hint at smthg.
To be annoyed by smg.
To save the best for last
First of all…
In the future
In the past
Right now
The past few+time word
To change one’s mind
To switch+NOUN+with sbdy.
To advise against smthg.
To give good/bad advice
A detailed explanation
I bet that…
The kind of thing that…
As an example of…
An (un)biased opinion about…
A beautiful view (of)
To turn/hand in...
Current events
It all happened so suddenly…
To bring about…
To catch up with…
To ask for help
To make a sound
To be located in/at/etc
A change of+NOUN
To find out about…
To leave for+NOUN
In memory of…
Before long
To get ripped off (by)
To go for a ride
To go for a walk
Why don’t we…
To get ahead (fig)
To get ahead of one’s self (fig)
To be running ahead/behind (at)
I used to…+INF
To fall apart
To fall off
In denial
To get a second chance
One more time/once more
To beg for
It goes without saying that…
To hold one’s breath
Out of breath
You’re gonna make it
Rest assured that…
To get hold of smg.
To do one’s duty
In pain
To lead astray
To have a head/stomach ache
Spare change
Pocket money
To take a break/rest
Time to kill
To look like+NOUN
In mint condition
In good/bad condition
In power
To rise to power
To get a raise ($)
The sun comes up/goes down
To have/get a flat tire
To break up with sbdy.
To take off (clothing)
To put on
Down on one’s luck
To wake up
To fall asleep
To have no idea about
To talk sbdy out of smg.
It makes (no) sense
To say goodbye
The right/wrong way
It’s for the best that…
Some day
To be enough/not enough
Here’s to…(toast)
To leave behind
You had better
To pack one’s bags
To take forever (at)
It seems like…
To take notes
To come for a visit
To take pictures
To make music
First things first…
To run into smthg.
To give in (to)
To have a hangover
Under one’s breath
To smell like+NOUN
To scream/yell at sbdy.
Every minute/moment
Every day/week/month
Once/twice per+TIME
Right before one’s eyes
To act as if…
To be happy/pleased with/about…
To get/turn off (of)
To be related to…
To have a good memory
A sense of…
Hard/easy to find
In jail/in prison
To make progress (with)
To work on
To find one’s way
To get lost
No more/anymore
To slip and fall (on)
On the weekend
To have/take a sick day
No time for…
In/out of touch with…
To lose control of…
Out of reach
Within reach
To spend the+TIME(+doing smg.)
To be in luck
A table for#
To take it easy
To feel wronged
To come/stop by (at)
To pass through (smwr.)
A friend of mine/his/etc
One of my…
A little
A lot
In pieces
On the mend
To return the favor
To do a favor for
Within range
Out of the area
Small town
Big city
To run up (a bill/tab)
To get over+NOUN
Few and far between
To look into smg. (fig)
To feel sorry for…
To pretend to+INF
To let go of smg. (lit/fig)
To feel sorry for…
To have fun+gerund
To have a good/bad time
Good night!
To wish someone well
To set free
Let go!
Call me+adj. (e.g. crazy)
Scared to death
To go crazy
To have a problem with…
To take turns (at)or(+gerund)
The rest of…
To go for a hike
All night long
To try to+INF
To be confused about
There’s a chance that…
This is between (you and me)/(him and her)
How come…
To make a fuss over…
To know about
To know how to…
By any means necessary
In debt/indebted to
A pile of…
To make good money
All over/around town
Out of town
To take smg. Seriously
At face value
By law
According to…
To put up with smg.
To deal with
To make clear
In bed
At the table
To trust in sbdy.
Topic of conversation
To have faith in…
To take effect
To sign up for…
In connection with
To come across as…
To get a point across
To be ignorant of…
In the aftermath of…
For no reason
To crash into…
To get into an accident
In an emergency
To have/get the feeling that…
To have the courage to…
A wide variety of…
To go on a date (with)
To be married engaged to
It’s common sense
To keep a secret
To be in conflict with…
Compared to/with…
To stop for…
On the side of the road
To feel threatened (by)
To score a goal (sports)
To apply for a job
Out for lunch/dinner
To fall in love with…
In alphabetical order
To fail at+gerund
It sounds good/bad
A turn for the worse
To make a difference(in)
To finish+gerund
To succeed at…
To be kicked out of…
To be good/bad at…
To be based on…
To refrain from…
In the way of…
To be ashamed of…
To be embarrassed by…
In/out of fashion/style
To take over+NOUN
In that case,…
In the event that…
A long way to go
To sing to sbdy.
To think about
Not quite as+adj.+as…
In silence
In compliance with…
To take care of…
To be impressed with/by
To take advantage of…
On a diet
To be homesick
Frozen/fresh food
On ice
On tap
To hope for…
To give credit to…
To disobey orders
As usual
To allow sbdy. To
To put/place emphasis on…
For dinner/for breakfast
The cause for
A strange turn of events
To make known that…
To work as a team
To insist on+gerund
Plenty of…
At midnight
At noon
To be close/nearby
To offer a solution
To travel the world
To check for…
That’s what I thought
To be cut off (from)
To be prejudiced toward
In favor of…
More or less
Too much+NOUN
With care
I guess/suppose that…
Up to…#amount(time, $, etc)
It’s up to you
When it comes to,…
To show weakness/strength
To give credit to…
To take credit for…
To be aware of…
To drive sbdy crazy
Under stress
It doesn’t matter that…
To take offense (at)
To have the courage to…
To come to the rescue of sbdy.
On purpose
To do the right/wrong thing
To make a decision
To see what happens
To talk at great length about
To raise/lower taxes/prices/etc.
To pay attention to…
For the benefit of…
In the short/long term
In harm’s way
As a matter of fact
In demand
A shortage of…
To take the blame for…
To suffer the consequences for…
To be attracted to…
The whole story/picture
To be drawn toward/to
To give someone the benefit of the doubt
To be of assistance (to)
With the exception of…
To take place
To take sides (with)
For profit
To give smg a try
You don’t get it…
To go blind
To turn a blind eye to…
To the best of my knowledge,…
To a certain degree/extent
To go bankrupt
Without a doubt
To believe in smg.
To focus on smg.
To be crazy about smg.
To handle smthg well/badly (emotional)
In a bind
To put into question
To get dressed
To put on
To take off
Paralyzed with fear
For the good of…
For the greater good
It will do you some good (to)
To be in a rage
To get worked up (about)
To confused smthg with smthg else
To trip over smthg.
In/out of line (with)
Sense of decency
Right to privacy
Under attack
To take inventory (of)
To make a list (of)
To be charged with
To be (found) guilty (of)
To put in jail/prison
To be in charge (of)
To take charge (of)
To sentence sbdy to…
Life in prison
The death penalty
To be acquitted (of)
To face facts
To be ignorant of...
The reality (of the situation) is…
What about…?
Who is to blame (for)?
At fault (for)
At risk (of)
To look out over…
To dream of/about…
To sympathize with…
To take a liking to…
To have a (firm) grasp of…
Never again
To take it easy
To take it slow
Once again,…
For lack of better words,…
To play along with…
To show one’s true colors…
…,at best,…
(to put) on the air (radio)
to settle a/the matter
once and for all
to decline an invitation
to accept an invitation
to refuse to+gerund
to live up to smthg.
To make smg better/worse
To leave smg alone
Drop it! (lit&fig)
The damage is done
To be in/out of luck
Fame and fortune
To have high/low expectations (for)
Regarding X matter,…
to put a dent in smthg.
to barely/hardly be able to do smthg.
To nearly/almost do something
To carry smthg out
To put into action
In effect
To draw attention to…
To admit defeat
To save/lose face
To keep in touch with sbdy.
To be out of touch with reality
Qualities in+NOUN
(To use an) approach to…
To fill in the blank(s)
To fill up the tank
To run on empty
Because of+NOUN
To have an eye/ear for smthg.
To take a shot at smthg.
Without regard for…
Difference of opinion
Conflict of interests
To be attentive to details
For sale
For rent
In/out of use
To feel inferior to…
At the moment,…
Living situation
At war with
What to…+INF
In/out of focus
In need of…
The ability to…
To move on (from)
It’s a matter of+NOUN
In/out of shape
To stay in shape
To be accepted to/at
To resist temptation
Sometimes I wonder,…
To live in fear of…
There’s no reason that…
To assert authority
To have authority over…
It’s not a big deal if…
Full-time job
Part-time job
To interview for a job
To be represented by
To be a symbol of…
To compare smthg with
To agree on an issue
To go on a trip
To see the best in…
To give in to (pressure)
Under pressure
For the rest of the+TIME
To go abroad
A change of plans
In the military
In a good/bad mood
To work for+NOUN
To get inspiration from…
To make a recording (of)
To end up+gerund
To wish/hope for…
To push for smthg.
To face adversity
Hearing loss
To make smg official
Proportionate to…
To escape unharmed
To get away from…
Over my dead body!
To have good standing (in)
To get a loan (from)
By the time…
To keep a secret
To test one’s luck
To be available for
On guard for…
At least
At the spur of the moment
On the spot
Disregard for…
Take-out food
To work through a problem
Up for grabs
On a (adj.) basis
Only on the condition that…
To put effort into smthg.
a+NOUN+like that
Not only,…but also…
On its own merit
Out with the old, in with the new
To be compensated for
To spend the night (at)
To stay with sbdy.
To be such a...
To make smg a priority
To give a speech (about)
To have an impact (on)
To render sbdy. speechless
A shining example of...
To meet in the middle (fig.)
Set in one’s ways
To right a wrong
To get even with sbdy.
One thing left to do
Out of+NOUN (lack)
To refresh one’s memory
To turn up/down the volume
A wide variety of…
You don’t belong here!
To bring back to life
At a high/low point
On one’s own
For personal gain
To come to the surface
For life
For good (final)
To starve to death
Dying of thirst
To take an exam
To pass a/the test
To stay in school
Per hour
Per day
By the week
By the month
To vanish without a trace
To be prone to…
Too ADJ+for one’s own good
To see the point in…
The point of smthg.
A firm believer in…
To set a good example
To set smthg in stone
A change of heart
To get a foot one’s foot in the door (fig.)
To feel dizzy
To feel drowsy
At sea
On land
To get sea-sick
Up in the air
To have second thoughts about smthg.
To breathe a sigh of relief (about)
To gasp for air
To take the lead (in)
To lead sbdy on
To not know any better
Right now
Just a minute ago
…as hard as one can…
to enjoy+GERUND
On vacation
To be busy doing smg.
It’s up to you…
To drive over/under the speed limit
To get pulled over by the police
To get arrested (by)
To not have a penny to one’s name
To stay awake
To stay up late
To get up early
On time
To hold the door (for)
In anticipation of…
What do you make of this?
One of life’s lessons
One step at a time
All at once
Little by little
At a glance
At first glance
To make excuses (for)
To show respect (for)
In the mail
To put to the side
On the side
To have good/bad manners
To mind one’s own business (about)
A preconceived notion (about)
…before it’s too late…
to see/recognize a pattern/trend
to be in chaos
to bring order to…
to trouble sbdy. for smg.
To agree to do smthg.
To go back on one’s word (about)
To turn someone in (THE LAW)
Law and order
To keep the peace
To become obvious that…
To wish smg. on sbdy.
To have legal troubles
To be held responsible (for)
To be a big fan (of)
To convince sbdy of…
In the streets
Out in the cold
In the sun
In the shade
In the snow
What is going on?
In traffic/in a traffic jam
To get a ride to…(work)
Who knows?
To get on/off (pub trans)
To take time off (work)
Leave of absence
On call
To tie one’s shoes
All the way to…
The whole time...
To be missing
An attempt at+gerund
Figure of speech
To take pride in…
To be proud of…
To manage to do smthg.
A good night’s sleep
A night of drinking
To be up all night
A hard day’s work
To find out for one’s self (about)
To find out that…
To be far along (with)
A bundle of…
To sympathize with
To go shopping (for)
To go hunting (for)
To go fishing (for)
to need a break (from)
I can’t tell if/whether…
To be obsessed with…
The idea/notion that…
To show one’s appreciation (for)
To be skilled at/in…
To be trained for/at…
To be thankful for…
To be obedient to (authority)
To be confused about…
To be out of breath
To condemn sbdy for…
To say harsh words to…
To bite the bullet and…
A snide remark
To increase productivity
An unlikely scenario
To have free time
To surrender to smthg.
In memory of…
To be getting late
To be getting cold
To warm up
To cool down/off
To be freezing
To have hard feelings about smthg.
To breed contempt
To have contempt for…
All things considered
To be better off+gerund
To commit a crime
To swear an oath (to)
To keep/break a promise
A means to do smthg.
To come up with the money (for)
to feel like doing smthg.
A misguided effort (to)
To keep a clean house
To be brutally honest
To hurt sbdy’s feelings
Apology accepted!
To drag one’s feet (fig)
Out and about
Never mind!
To complain about smg.
At odds with sbdy.
To beat the odds
On the coast
To go through customs
To make drama (about)
A healthy environment
To protect the environment
To calm down (about)
To consider every possibility
To calm one’s nerves
To be satisfied with…
To conduct an interview
To take smg for granted
To be amused by smthg.
…to no end…
Back and forth
To no end
To let smthg happen
To get over smthg.
To stand in the way of progress
Work in progress
In the process of…
In the middle of…
To remind sbdy of smthg.
A particular place and time
To come to the aid/assistance of
To come to the rescue
To refresh one’s memory
A lack of common sense
Due to…
To make a good/bad impression on sbdy.
Compared to/in comparison with…
To have an advantage over sbdy.
A first impression of…
To have power over…
In public
To get in the way (of)
To take shots (alcohol)
To be certain of smthg.
To admit fault
To have a fight (with)
To hold smthg against sbdy.
To treat sbdy/smg like…
To be different from…
Thanks to…
Because of…
To take a nap…
On top of…
to wait in line (for)
over and over (again)
It’s a tie!
To have the right of way
On the fence (fig)
In search/pursuit of…
In the past
In the present day and age
To prove a point
To prove one’s worth
It’s a case of…
The right amount
It is beyond all understanding why…
Full of…
Just in time for…
To pick sbdy up (from)
To hand in (home)work
To hand smthg out
To do chores
To shoot at sbdy/smthg.
To be in a hurry
To yell/scream at sbdy.
Out loud
To let out a noise (sigh/laugh/scream/etc)
To knock on a door
To keep smthg/sbdy in mind
A waste of time
To know how to+INF
To spy on sbdy.
To shed light on smthg. (fig.)
How often…?
To demand restitution
In court
On trial
To lower one’s standards
A sip of…
A bite of…
To repair damage
A giant+NOUN
To be critical of…
To go to bed
To get up in the morning
The answer to (a question)
To promise to+INF
On display
The meaning of smthg.
To be mean to sbdy.
To treat sbdy with kindness/cruelty
To give an explanation (of)
To owe sbdy a favor
To lock one’s self out (of)
For the love of
To go in the direction of
It’s your turn!
To get rid of smthg.
To deprive sbdy of smg.
To beg for forgiveness
To keep quiet
To be upset about smg.
To play in a band
The/an opportunity to…
To interact with…
To inform sbdy about…
To be allowed to+INF
To be eager to+INF
To eagerly await smthg.
To do nothing but…
To have good/bad social skills
To be knowledgeable about…
To be skilled at…
To take sbdy hostage
A day off work
To sign up for smthg.
To make fun of smthg.
To run out of time
Time is running out
To be available for…
To make comments about
In/out of context
To make up for lost time
It’s nice to….for a change…
A change of scenery
To lose one’s train of thought
The majority of…
To make up for lost time
To have good/bad intentions
To culminate in+NOUN
To have (no) patience for
To suffer from
To kick/punch sbdy in the…(body part)
To drop sbdy off at…
In the wild
Instead of+gerund
To apologize for…
For the duration of…
To talk on the phone (with sbdy.)
To be angry with sbdy.
In good/bad taste
To have good taste (in)
To say smthg without thinking
…without giving a thought to…
To think smthg through
To react to smthg/sbdy.
On one’s knees
On foot
In good/bad health
To go barefoot
A sense of decency
It is a sign that…
To be opposed to…
Back then,…
In a nutshell,…
To lay down one’s life (for)
To be plagued by guilt
To be a metaphor for…
To climb trees
To climb up a (specific) tree
Land/sea/forest-dwelling animal
To jump off a building/bridge
To go to a meeting
In a war zone
The height of smg.
The width of smg.
The length of smg.
At the height of+NOUN (an empire/an age/etc)
What color is…?
As punishment
To spend money on…
To have the potential to/for…
To wreak havoc on…
To come up with/devise a plan
To lift weights
To share smg with sbdy.
At all/not at all
To suffer the consequences (for)
Of X heritage (e.g. Scottish)
To be honest with one’s self
To step outside for some fresh air
To follow one’s instincts
To devote one’s self to…
To step aside
To dampen sbdy’s spirits
To make a/the prediction that…
To spend one’s life doing smthg.
On the verge of+gerund
The thing is,…
It depends on…
To look forward to…
At the thought of…
To pride one’s self in/on…
To lose consciousness
To knock sbdy unconscious
To lead a (ADJ) life
To flip a coin (for)
To roll the dice (for)
To proceed with caution
A stack/pile of…
A deck of cards
To play cards
At will
At random
On command
At a loss
In a state of…
In crisis
To perform surgery
To perform a play
A work of art
To go on a rampage
To throw a party
To throw a temper tantrum
I welcome the opportunity to…
To accept a/the challenge
A set of…
To play pool
To play chess
To play darts
To play X-ball
To swim laps (in pool)
A jack of all trades
By profession
To lend one’s support to
To plan on+gerund
To smell like…
From now on,…
To get straight to the point (of)
To lose focus (of)
The main idea (of)
To recommend smg to sbdy.
To keep on schedule
To gain/lose weight
To have a preference for
I would rather….
To dress up as…
To win a prize
To get exercise
To make a connection between
To mix 2 things together
Of special interest (to)
To bring smg to a boil
To have an air of+QUALITY
A wad/clump of…
Resulting in+EFFECT
To set sail (on)
The high seas
To force sbdy to+INF
To be suspected of+gerund
To catch sbdy off guard (at/while)
In hindsight
To have no discipline
In slow motion
To be kicked out of/expelled from…
To get fired (from)
To be open/closed-minded
To be disappointed by…
To take smthg at face value
From what I can tell,…
To be caught in a vicious circle
To pollute the environment
To contribute to smthg.
What kind of…is X?
In/out of tune
To sing off key
To apply for a job
A positive/negative environment
To be considerate/act considerately toward…
To care about smthg.
The way of the world
To play an instrument
To strum on…
To have talent (for)
To be mindful of…
To make a transition to…
To invite sbdy to…
To get a flat tire
To have a spare/extra+NOUN
To step on the accelerator/gas
To step on the brakes
To fall victim to…
To watch a movie
To look after (children)
To mow the lawn/grass
To set smg apart from smg else
To stand in for sbdy.
To find a replacement for…
To have down-time
To pass out while/in the middle of…
To stay awake for smthg
In advance (of)
Over time,…
To have unintended consequences
In/with regards to smg.
To reduce smg to smg.
To turn smg into smg (else)
To hold on to…
To receive preferential treatment (for)
That’s (not) my first choice
Lend me your ear!
It will only take a moment/minute/second
In the scheme of things,…
To scheme/plot to do smthg.
To keep smg as a pet
To prevent fires
To put out a fire
To keep/prevent smthg from happening (to)
To happen to sbdy.
The moral of the story is…
To make/lose a bet
To declare war
To go to church
To go to war


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